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What Other People Think about GOODBYEREDBULLET:

“Songs from the Heart is what you get when you place this order. Simply amazing song-writing and beautiful lyrics.” -Billy Zero, XM Radio


“It’s this album that is the accomplishment that will have him going down in history as potentially one of the indie world?s best contributors. I dare you to find a better independently released album this year.”
j-sin 5/04 

“Will Dailey is a multi talented young guy ? singer, songwriter, producer and label owner. Everything about Goodbuybullet is very well done; very polished. Imagine a young-non-grumpy Van Morrison”


“It’s the strongest local release of the year…. songs like “For Nothing” and “So Do I” remind me of a sunnier Elliott Smith. I mention Smith, because like him, Dailey is a stunningly lyric, subtle and underrated guitarist….Goodbyeredbullet marries a darker folk sound to classic pop songwriting, as in the wistful “Have to Get You Off My Mind,” in which an electric guitar played through a Leslie rotating speaker phrases a ghostly melody twinned with an elegiac voice. It’s a classic unrequited love song - an example of the vulnerability Dailey is unafraid to show and the talent it takes to pull it off.”
Max Heinegg, 9/02/04

” GoodbyeRedBullet, on Wheelkick Records, is a warm, lush, and sometimes epic record… Recorded entirely on analog tape machines, it has the feel and sound of a record produced in the 1970’s, reminiscent of some of Led Zeppelin’s milder pieces, sometimes even hinting at Pink Floyd’s musical vastness. His voice rings with a sweet roughness which brings to mind Martin Sexton or Ben Harper as he sings emotive songs in confessional tones. It’s a mature, adventurous, genuine recording by an artist determined to show the world that it’s okay to pour your heart and soul into something and then give it to the world.”
Shawn Madden, 7/04

” Tender harmonies, emotional lyrics and hooks galore make this one of the best cd’s I have heard in a while. Will is not your ordinary singer/songwriter and this is not your ordinary batch of songs.”
Kier Byrnes, 6/ 04
…this Dailey fellow has much going for him, such as the ability to write catchy-without-being-stupid songs in a variety of styles, the ability to make his large-ranged voice fit the mood of each song, the ability to write lyrics that don’t strike one as the work of some angst-infected navel-gazer, and the ability to sing “la la la” the way “la la la” was meant to be sung, the way Ozzy sings “alright!”, like it’s part of the damn lyrics, and should be treated as such. And some other abilities, as well, the most important of which is, quite clearly, the ability to avoid annoying the piss out of me the way most singer-songwriter types do. Tim Emswiler 2004

He’s here for little while but he’s already won a staring contest.

He’s here for little while but he’s already won a staring contest.